Music content aggregator Global Music International says that China Unicom's (CHU) NewSpace subsidiary will begin broadcasting its collection of music videos from both Chinese and Western musicians on the cellular network of China Unicom.

This relationship establishes a new digital music consumption model, enabling China Unicom NewSpace to be one of first to deliver music video content to the mobile platform.

China Unicom NewSpace will gain access to innovative, international content that will allow its parent, China Unicom, to maintain and grow market share through customer acquisition. For Global Music International, the benefit is the potential new reach into China Unicom's 36 million CDMA 1x subscribers for music video content and all of its 141 million subscribers for ringtone services.

"The partnership between Unicom NewSpace and Global Music International is mutually beneficial," said Dun Huang, vice general manager of China Unicom NewSpace. "It will bring an unprecedented level of new music services for Chinese mobile consumers. Together we will benefit consumers by bringing the latest Chinese language and western music and deliver it using mobile handsets as a new medium at the first opportunity. This also reflects the fact that China Unicom is migrating to become a comprehensive information service provider from a traditional telecom carrier. This partnership will not only provide Chinese music lovers with a brand new experience, but also creates new channels of distribution for Global Music International, which allows localized and personalized service for Chinese consumers."

Delivery for Global Music International's music video content will be offered on unique mobile channels, and the Company's ringtones and ringback tones will be made available through China Unicom directly.


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