Huawei Device, a subsidiary of the telecom equipment maker Huawei Technologies, and the Internet company Tencent have reached strategic cooperation; and the first project jointly developed by the two parties — HiQQ smartphone — has been officially launched.

By embedding Tencent's newly-launched mobile phone application platform QQ Service, the Huawei-made HiQQ smartphone has access to 19 Tencent mobile phone applications, mobile phone QQ instant messaging service, mobile phone QQ-zone, and mobile phone QQ browser.

The cooperation is also the debut for QQ Service. The businesses of QQ Service are mainly divided into three levels: first, according to different terminal functions, it will complete selection and integration of Tencent's all application software; second, at the bottom of QQ Service, there is software for Tencent software management, which is known as TMC in the industry; and third, on the service level it will provide customized solution services to manufacturers and will offer maintenance services after application embedding.

However, QQ Service currently only provides Tencent's own application software products and no third-party developed software is available. In regards to whether QQ Service will open to third party in the future, Tencent said no comment.

A representative from Huawei Device revealed to the local media that Huawei Device and Tencent have discussed the cooperation for a long time, but no more details were disclosed.


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