China's Ministry of Information Industry of China is creating measures to better manage its SMS business in order to help thwart the mobile text message spam that Chinese users often receive.

A representative from MII said that following their completed management systems for domain names and IP addresses, they will now be able to better track and arrest mobile spammers. Mobile text messaging spammers often use IP-based accounts from which to launch their attacks, and MII's new system is supposedly going to streamline the identification and locations of these spammers. MII will also create a supervision system for ISPs, to better plug any holes in their systems.

It is also difficult to manage and locate spammers because there is only a nascent real name system for mobile phones in China. So besides working out the measure for managing SMS spam, MII is also currently launching better real name systems for mobile phone users. This means each mobile telephone number is linked to a specific individual, whose identification will be on file with local departments.

At the end of 2006, China had more than 460 million mobile phone users.


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