CDC Corporation says based on preliminary financial projections, the company expects total revenues for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2007 to be in the range of US$415 million to US$420 million, an increase of over 37% compared to estimated revenues for 2006.

This is also an increase to CDC Corporation's 2007 guidance of US$401 million to US$411 million previously provided on the company's third quarter 2006 earnings call held on November 14, 2006. CDC Corporation also expects adjusted net income to be in the range of US$57 million to US$62 million which is an increase to the company's previous 2007 guidance of US$55 million to US$60 million.

"We continue to see strong growth virtually across the board in our operating units and our key geographies around the globe," said Peter Yip, CEO, CDC Corporation. "Our diversified and global customer base has given us great balance in our revenues and improved visibility. Additionally, through the synergies of our recent enterprise software acquisitions, we are already seeing positive results in both new business and cross-selling to our current customers, particularly in North America and Europe. With our unique strategies and proven ability to execute, we believe we are well positioned for strong revenue growth in each of our target markets around the globe and we have the confidence to raise our guidance for 2007."


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