March 1, 2007 saw the formal implementation of China Mobile's (CHL) eight commitments to consumers.

China Mobile made an announcement in January 2007 that it would launch eight consumer-friendly commitments this year.

China Mobile's eight commitments, which fall under its theme of "Credit Service, 100% Satisfaction", include starting a new network access protocol; double refunding consumers for charging errors; offering a transparent consumption bill; double confirming with consumers for customized services; responding to client's complaints within 48 hours; reminding users before halting services; providing simplified self-help services; and launching a special hotline for consumers to report bad SMS information.

So far, China Mobile has listed the implementation of "Credit Service, 100% Satisfaction" as one of its most important tasks of this year and it has set up a sepcial team to help facilitate the carrying out of the activity, which shall be done through four stages, including a full-scale launch, intensive promotions, and exhaustive audits and evaluations.


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