Following a request from China's Ministry of Information Industry, China Consumers' Association and the National Telecom User Commission, the six telecom operators in China have made an open service pledge to Chinese consumers.

The six telecom operators are China Mobile (CHL), China Unicom (CHU), China Telecom (CHA), China Netcom (CN), China Tietong and China Satcom.

China Telecom promises to provide telephone and broadband booking services for consumers and says that it won't offer any value-added services to users without their prior confirmation. China Netcom says it will carry out reservation services for installing, moving or repairing telephones and will move telephones for users without changing their original numbers provided the telephone is moved within the same city. Both China Telecom and China Netcom have promised to provide a full calling list at the end of each month for local call users.

After years of consumer complaints, transparent charging has become the focus of Chinese mobile operators. Both China Mobile and China Unicom say that they will now double refund consumers for any error in charging.

User protocol is another emphasis of their commitments. China Mobile promises to adopt a new network access protocol within the year, while China Unicom guarantees to carry out their own user service protocol.

China Tietong and China Satcom, the two smaller operators in China, have also made their own commitments. China Tietong says it will continue to improve its multi-channel inquiry service and provide more convenience to consumers through its website and 24-hour service line. China Satcom says that it will work to launch all kinds of services to consumers according to an agreed deadline and provide professional communication to them. It says also it will prolong the use of its IP cards for up to three months after the expiration of those cards.


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