Chinese search engine service provider (BIDU) says it will soon launch a barrier-free service for the blind and those with visual disabilities.

Baidu began developing the barrier-free project about six months ago and named it "The Blind's Lane Program". This program has reportedly received great support from the China Blind People's Association.

China has about 5 million blind people, accounting for 18% of the world's total. It also has more than 6 million people who have visual disabilities.

Although there is a lot of software for the blind to use, most of the software are not specially designed for the blind to approach and search Internet information. Baidu says this is why it has launched this new service.


  1. Thats an excellent idea, It would also be nice if they made a english and possibly other language versions of it, because China is not the only country with blind people (as not only China's blind population accounts 18% of the world total, China's complete population does.


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