VODone says it has signed agreements with Chinese search engine Baidu.com (BIDU) and Chinese Internet portal Tencent for jointly running the promotion of the upcoming nationwide casting polling show for an 80-episode TV series called "Water Margin", to be produced later in 2008.

VODone Telemedia, VODone's local partner, will provide Tencent official video clips and other content such as articles, photos and promotion materials relating to the show for broadcasting on the Internet. Tencent agreed to set up the Water Margin theme webpage, posting different types of information including the synopsis of the TV series.

According to the terms of the agreement with Baidu, the Chinese search engine will launch a theme webpage to document all relevant news and events about the show and the TV series.

"We are proud to be joining hands with different media to produce this casting polling show and TV series and we believe the potential business impact to the company is tremendous," said an official at VODone in a press release. "Through these events, on top of being able to derive substantial sponsorship revenue as well as generate direct revenue from polling via internet and mobile phones, the much enhanced brand profile will increase web traffic and page view and in turn, help our core internet advertising business."


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