The Hack.Huigezi 2007 virus is now exploding and multiplying fast online throughout China.

From March 1 to March 13, local anti-virus company Kingsoft blocked as many as 512 Hack.Huigezi virus variations. Hack.Huigezi is a kind of Trojan virus that combines many different controlling program. Once it attacks a computer, every move of the user will be monitored by the hacker who can easily steal the user's account, password, photo and important files.

During this past Spring Festival holiday, about 258,235 computers in China were attacked by the virus. Experts from Kingsoft says that Hack.Huigezi itself doesn't have much capacity to spread, however, hackers have modified parts of the code for nefarious purposes.

Lei Jun, president of Kingsoft, says that danger posed by Hack.Huigezi is ten-fold that of the "Panda Burning Scent" virus that attacked numerous computers before the Spring Festival holiday.


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