Li-ion battery cell manufacturer China BAK (CBAK) has successfully launched the first automated cylindrical, lithium-ion battery cell production line.

The newly-launched production line employs advanced technologies and automation for the manufacture of consistently high-quality cylindrical battery cells for notebook computers.

"Our monthly production capacity has reached two million units, and we believe we are one of the first manufacturers with an automated production line for cylindrical, lithium-ion battery cells in China," said Xiangqian Li, China BAK's Chief Executive Officer. "We believe this will position us to capture opportunities in the global notebook computer battery market."

China BAK Battery develops and manufactures laptop batteries with energy densities of 500wh/L or higher and an average product life span of more than two years, which it believes, meets or surpasses the performance standards of battery cells of leading manufacturers in Korea and Japan. These notebook battery cells are designed to high safety standards from the thermological, electrical and mechanical perspectives.


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