In order to guarantee the food safety for the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing has formally begun constructing a food safety tracking system.

As part of the food safety guarantee system, the food safety tracking system will keep track of the entire process of the food making for the Olympic games and supervise the daily food security as well as food safety for all major events after the games.

Relying on the network environment of the Beijing Municipal Department of Industry and Commerce, the system consists of a two-level platform and four sub-systems, which covers fruits and vegetables, animal products, pre-packaging foods and Olympic food sub-systems.

At present, the first level platform is a central database that is being developed and its basic structure is expected to be completed by the end of this month when it can provide inquiry services, product tracking, analyses, large volume recalls and pre-warnings. The fruit and vegetable sub-system has covered the first batch of five Olympic vegetable suppliers, 41 processing companies and 10 supermarkets. The animal product sub-system has already been used on a trial basis in seven companies.


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