Several Chinese consumers have decided to file a collective lawsuit against HP China because of the frequent failures of the company's LaserJet 3330 printer.

According to local media, beginning in 2004, more and more consumers have reported about the quality problems and design defects of HP's LaserJet 3330 printer, but HP has never given a definite answer on how it plans to solve the problems. As most of the users of this type of printer are companies, they don't worry much about the failure, but some individual consumers can't stand the frequent issues any more and they have decided to sue HP China. Local media have neither reported in which court the plaintiffs plan to file their case nor the exact amount of damages they are seeking.

A representative from HP China says that HP China has asked consumers to dial their free telephone hotline to report and solve the problem, but they don't say if there is any design problem with the printer. HP China also also has no plans now to recall the product.

This particular printer was made in 2003 and its production was stopped in 2004. In response to reports of the printer's scanning problem at that time, HP prolonged the maintenance period for one more year and in 2005 it offered a special exchange policy for this product.


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