ZTE has announced that it has won 85% of new nodes for the seventh expansion of China Mobile's Multimedia Messaging Service and another 75% of new nodes during the latter's WAP expansion.

As a leading telecom operator, China Mobile ranks tops in the world in terms of both users and innovative services. SMS, MMS and WAP related services have been the major value-added services for the company. ZTE has now become one of the core partners of China Mobile on value-added services and previously won the bidding of China Mobile's MMS web and related products.

Anyservice is a brand service of ZTE. Up to the end of 2006, Anyservice had been used in more than 30 value-added service international areas. At present it is being used by many top-end telecom operators including Vodafone, France Telecom, Norway Telecom and Singaporean Telecom.


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