More than 40 former employees have lost a court case against Siemens, in which they accused the company of paying them too little in year-end bonuses.

One of the plaintiffs told local media that Siemens had promised in the labor contracts signed with them that it would pay them over CNY20,000 as a year-end bonus if they could complete the whole year's tasks. However, it later only paid them 67% of the bonus.

In response to the employees' accusation, Siemens says that the amount of the year-end bonus that the employees receive depends on the company's performance and the employees' contributions to the company, which has been clearly stated in the labor contract. What's more, these employees didn't raise any issues when they received the year-end bonus and only did so when their labor relations with Siemens ended.

The court stated that Siemens' issuance of bonuses conformed to the contracts signed with the employees, and it therefore turned down their request.


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