China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television will soon start promoting the two-way transformation of cable TV networks around the country when it releases its "Guide Opinion on Cable TV Network Two-way Transformation".

Though no definite date has been set for the release of this guide, it should be unveiled before the end of the second quarter and it is expected to help strengthen the competitiveness of the radio, film and television network.

The basic idea of the guide is that the two-way transformation of cable TV networks will be accelerated and cable TV networks will be pushed to a direction of interaction and multi-function. Wang Xiaojie, a director from SARFT, says that the developing trend for cable TV networks is to use fiber optic cable to replace copper.

Currently most of the TV networks in China are one-way broadcasting networks. As there are about 140 million such cable TV users in China, it is estimated that SARFT will invest more than CNY50 million on the transformation.
With the transformation, such services as video program ordering, video communications, cable voice service and broadband will become available.


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