Beijing Rongxinhe Economic Information Consulting Company has brought Chinese online bookstore to court because Dangdang had used Rongxinhe's online content without permission.

Rongxinhe says that it began to publish information about crystals on to promote the sale of crystal accouterments in May 2005 and only authorized to use the content thereafter. However, Rongxinhe found that used the content without Rongxinhe's permission to promote sales on its own website.

Rongxinhe says that had stopped using the content for a while after negotiations began, but it began to use it again soon after. Rongxinhe asked to make an apology to both Rongxinhe and and to pay CNY70000 in compensation.

A representative from Dangdang says these pictures have not been copied by, but instead provided by its goods supplier.

Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court will hold a hearing on the case next week.


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