China's National Development and Reform Commission has published a list of four more enterprises which have been approved to manufacture handsets.

The four enterprises are Ziguang Haitai Technology Development Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Zhiji Xunlian Communications Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Bangxun Communications Development Co., Ltd.; and Fujian Furi Electronics Holding Co., Ltd. All of these enterprises used to be less known in the industry, but an analyst quoted in local media says that being nameless does not necessarily mean that they don't have the capability for making profit in the busy China handset market.

Statistics show that NDRC has issued handset manufacturer licenses to eight enterprises since the beginning of this year, which has increased the total number of mobile phone manufacturers in China to over 80. Some analysts point out that the supply has exceeded demand in China's mobile phone market, so the joining of these enterprises will make the competition even fiercer.


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