Eight Chinese government ministries have jointly issued a circular on the promotion and implementation of the anti- addiction system on all computer games in the country.

The eight departments are General Administration of Press and Publication, Central Civilization Office, Ministry of Education, Chinese Communist Youth League, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Public Security, All China Women's Federation, and China's Care for the Next Generation Work Commission. According to their joint circular, the anti-addiction system will be promoted among all computer games in China starting April 15 and fully implemented from July 16, 2007.

Kou Xiaowei, a deputy director from China's General Administration of Press and Publication, has told local media that the anti-addiction system will target all the computer games run in China. From April 15 to June 15, the computer game enterprises will be asked to develop the anti-addiction system for their games in accordance with the Computer Game Anti-addiction System Development Standard released by GAPP, from June 15 to July 15 they will be asked to test their systems and from July 16, they will formally put the systems into operation. Kou says that the system is only designed for teenagers so that they don't spend so much time playing games.

In June 2005, China issued the Computer Game Anti-addiction System Development Standard and Computer Game Anti-addiction System Real Name Certification Measure. Data shows that China had 31.12 million computer game players in 2006, but less than 50% of those were teenagers.


  1. Thats a horrific idea, I hope most game devs. simply opt to not ship to china. This system will raise the cost of developement, cause bugs, and simply won't work. Why do governments work on such waistfull and stupid ideas, when there are real problems to deal with, like the growing number of cellphone caused car crashes, even with hands free units, cellphones are the equivalent of alchohol in cars, why doesn't someone simply ask car manufaturers to develope cell phone jammers so they don't work when your car is on? why not consentrate on something that is killing people?

  2. Spoken like a true addict Amar if i should say so. its crucial for regulations to be put in place to assist you when you decide to face the realith that addiction is as close to death.


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