CDC Mobile, a business unit of CDC Corporation (CHINA), has entered into a mobile content agreement with Jiangsu Wuxi Mobile.

Under the terms of the agreement, CDC Mobile will provide the carrier with rich MMS and WAP content, including ring tones, graphics, weather forecast, and more. CDC Mobile will also send content on the carrier's behalf to designated mobile subscribers. The carrier then will pay CDC Mobile for the mobile content as well as the content delivery.

Serving close to three million mobile subscribers, Jiangsu Wuxi Mobile is a major mobile carrier in Jiangsu province. In 2006, the carrier contracted with CDC Mobile to send MMS on its behalf to its VIP customers. The two companies have been continuously exploring new cooperation opportunities and this new agreement further expands the partnership between the companies.

"We are pleased to deepen our cooperation with Jiangsu Wuxi Mobile," said Donglei Fang, COO of Inc. "Leveraging our direct connectivity and close relationship with local mobile operators in 29 provinces, we are well positioned to move further upstream into the content provider segment of MVAS business. We believe in the new MVAS operating environment and this strategy will increase our revenues and profits to help ensure our long-term growth. It will also empower us to address consumer demand quickly by offering a richer user experience and delivering higher value to end-users, all of which will ultimately improve the attractiveness of our MVAS services."


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