Nortel (NT) is planning to open its Center of Excellence for Global Operations in Asia, based in Shanghai, by the end of 2007.

Joel Hackney, senior vice president, Global Operations and Quality, Nortel says, "China's cost-competitive environment provides the ideal climate for increased investment in procurement; the Shanghai Center of Excellence will provide essential technical and operation support where it is required most."

The Center of Excellence, building on an existing supply chain facility established in 2005, is part of an ongoing business transformation process aimed at improving the quality of Nortel's supply chain operations through efficiencies of scale, organization optimization, and process improvements. As part of the establishment of the new Center of Excellence, the Shanghai workforce of highly-skilled procurement professionals is set to quadruple.

The new Shanghai Center of Excellence will be substantially upgraded to provide a full suite of services including strategic procurement, supply chain operations and order fulfillment capabilities. Investment in supply chain, technical engineering, planning and logistical expertise will provide capabilities to further develop Nortel's strategic and emerging suppliers in China. Nortel's procurement investment in China passes the US$1 billion mark annually in 2007. Other Centers of Excellence have recently been announced by Nortel in Mexico and in Turkey. The Shanghai Center of Excellence addresses the unique needs of suppliers and customers across Asia as the company leverages its enhanced supplier base in Asia.


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