Between May 2, 2006 and May 1, 2007, CDC Corporation (CHINA) says it has repurchased 6,936,624 common shares at an average price of US$5.13 per share for a total of US$35,604,235.

"We believe that CDC Corporation continues to be undervalued by the investment community," said Peter Yip, CEO, CDC Corporation. "Our expansion of the share repurchase program with an additional US$20 million demonstrates our confidence in the performance and value of the company going forward. The additional shares purchased by me and our management team members since the beginning of the year further demonstrates our confidence in the business. The expansion of the share repurchase program is one of several initiatives that we are implementing to further increase shareholder value."

The company's board of directors has approved an additional share repurchase program which authorizes the repurchase, at the discretion of senior management, of up to US$20 million of the company's common shares for 12 months until May 2008.

The company has entered into a 10b5-1 trading plan, to facilitate the repurchase of its common shares, which allows the company to repurchase shares during trading blackout periods through pre-arrangements with a broker based upon specified guidelines and parameters set forth in the trading plan.

In addition to the share repurchase program, senior management of the company, including the chief executive officer, has purchased approximately 387,000 shares since January 1, 2007.


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