The Shanghai Municipal Department of Industry and Commerce received 989 complaints from consumers during the recent seven-day May Day holiday, which was an increase of 71% compared with the same period last year.

The complaints were mostly made about mobile phone products, Internet service, after-sales service, audio and video products and telecom services. During the holiday, the complaints against Internet service increased the most with a total of 105, up 192%. Consumers complained about online game fees, slow broadband speeds and frequent breaking of network connections.

Another main complaint was made on mobile phone quality and after-sales service. During the holiday, SMDIC's 12315 hotline received 499 complaints on commodities, of which 120 were about mobile phone products, particularly their quality and after-sales service.

The third main complaint was about food and entertainment. The 12315 hotline received 114 complaints on food, entertainment, and clothing during the holiday, mostly about restaurants and entertainment venues not having a license or offering fake goods.

12315 has already allocated the complaints to relevant departments to deal with or investigate.


  1. dear w/e . i jus migrated to shanghai , im jus 14 , so what ? i heard that shanghai was advance . even more advance then the country that i came from , which i wont name otherwise it'll ruin its reputation . i dont mind everything else , but why is the freaking internet speed so slow ??? i used to have 200+ kb/s download speed in my old country . now its what ? 0.2kb/s ? why is it so slow ?


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