Beijing Haidian District Court has received a lawsuit filed by Guangdong Mengtong Culture Development Company against Chinese Internet search engine service provider, who has been accused of violating the an online copyright.

The plaintiff says that it had obtained the rights to copy, publish and disseminate the TV show Zhen Guan Chang Ge, and never authorized any other parties to disseminate it online on its behalf. However there were many links for downloading or watching the opera online at The plaintiff reportedly sent two letters to Baidu and asked the search engine to remove the links, but had not yet received a response.

The Guangdong film company has asked to remove the downloading links immediately, make a public apology for a consecutive 48 hours online and pay a CNY410,000 compensation and CNY30000 in legal fees.

The case is being processed by the court and a decision should be issued in a few weeks.


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