From this month on, China's Ministry of Information Industry and National Development and Reform Commission will work to completely clean up the existing telecom cost package services and will publish the final results at the end of October.

The clean-up work will be carried out in three stages. From May to July, telecom management departments and telecom enterprises at various levels will be asked to check their own service packages and correct any mistakes by themselves. From September to October, MII will conduct a special check on key areas and key enterprises and will punish enterprises providing unregulated services. At the end of October, MII will publish the final checking results to the public.

MII requires that telecom service providers state clearly the general fees in their package services and allow consumers to know about the composition of each service cost. MII also says telecom operators must not discriminate against consumers from another telecom service provider by charging a different prices.

In recent years, Chinese telecom operators have launched more package services, but the complicated computing involved in the services has caused much inconvenience for users as the cost structure and usage conditions are blurred.


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