Taiwan media reports that Taiwan OEM Quanta has received an order for 5 million iPhones from Apple (AAPL) and is expected to deliver the products in September this year.

However Jin Wenheng, a director from Goldman Sachs' Asia Science and Technology Industry Research Department, reportedly said that Quanta is only negotiating with Apple, but they have not reached a final agreement on the order.
Zhang Boqi, an analyst from Macquarie Equity Linked Investments, also expressed his doubt about the order. Zhang said that Apple's iPhone won't be launched until the end of June, so it's not known how it will be accepted on the market and Apple won't make such a hasty decision in manufacturing such a large quantity of them.

While outside parties are doubting the order, Quanta clarified on its website that it is important for the company to gain new business to sustain growth and development. However, the company reiterated that as general business conduct, the company will not comment on specific customers.

Quanta is one of the world's largest contract laptop PC manufacturer.


  1. thanks for all the info really useful,i really would like more about the deals going on with apple iphone and companies.thanks


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