China GrenTech (GRRF) says it has won bids from both China Mobile and China Telecom to supply TD-SCDMA wireless coverage equipment for the expanded TD-SCDMA technique trial network.

The win with China Mobile Group reportedly came through the first centralized bidding process for China Mobile Group's TD-SCDMA wireless coverage products. This is another win for the company garnered through China Mobile Group's large scale centralized bidding process.

The expanded TD-SCDMA technique trial networks have been deployed in ten cities in China, among which, networks in eight cities will be constructed by China Mobile Group, while networks in the other two cities will be constructed by China Telecom and China Netcom, respectively.

GrenTech says it established a business relationship in 2001 with China Mobile Group, the largest wireless telecommunication network operator in China and largest capital investor in wireless coverage solutions.


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