Shenzhen's local government has issued its Intellectual Property Development Status White Book 2007.

The white book illustrates the development and progress of the city's IPR creation, management, utilization and protection while it also points out the bottlenecks for the city's IPR development.

Shenzhen IPR Development Status White Book expatiates on Shenzhen's IPR protection through six aspects which include fully pushing forward IPR strategy implementation; consummating IPR policies and regulations; eliminating illegal IPR behaviors; speeding up IPR creation; serving enterprise IPR; and actively constructing an IPR culture. It says that a shortage of relevant talents has become a bottleneck for the IPR development of the city.

In 2007, Shenzhen signed with the State Copyright Administration on building a strong IPT city. To fulfill this goal, the city later made "Several Rules on Strengthening IPR Protection Work in Shenzhen Economic Special Zone", and other regulations like "Plain Design Work Copyright Protection Measures" and "Plain Design Work Commission Contract".


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