China Netcom and Asia Netcom have jointly announced in Beijing to operate landing station in Qingdao.

Tthey have also announced their new connection solution between the mainland and the rest of the world, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. As part of the project, Asia Netcom's EAC system, will be extended into China with a landing in Qingdao to realize mutual connection with China's communication network.

At present, Asia Netcom's EAC is linked to China via its Hong Kong landing point, to which the newly operated Qingdao landing station will be complementary.

As Qingdao is the northernmost landing site for China, it can halve the distance between Chinese main cities and that of Japanese and South Korea. The EAC-Qingdao link will initially feature 80Gb/s of capacity, and is upgradeable incrementally to 2.56Tb/s.


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