Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation's (SMI) Beijing factory has stopped its OEM service of Dynamic Random Access Memory and shifted to logic semiconductors that yield higher profits.

Stopping the production is helpful for the company to stablize its existing investments and to stimulate the investment wish of new strategic investors. At present, SMIC's main shareholders include Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holding) Co., Ltd, APtech and Goldman Sachs Group.

SMIC and Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute have also announced plans to launch the world's first double module UWB MAC chips using SMIC's 0.13 micron mixed mode CMOS technology. Based on WiMedia standard, the UWB MAC chip supports both WLP/WiNET protocol and Information Group Resource Sharing's network protocol. It contains advanced multi-hop connectivity and video/audio quality of QoS features and mainly targets wireless individual network application.

SMIC's radio frequency team provides design support and mixed signal radio frequency open lab service in Shanghai to support the development of 0.18 micron, 0.13 micron and even advanced mixed signal RF chips. Both ASTRI and SMIC hope that they can help foster the development of advanced wireless radio frequency integrated circuit in China through their broadband IPs.


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