Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, president of Google (GOOG) China, says Google will speed up its development in China to make it known to more people in the country, and to this end will place more servers in the country.

According to news posted on Sina.com, Lee disclosed that Google, which is not the top search engine in China, is moving some of its servers from the U.S. to China and would make more plans for launching local products. Lee also said that Google would start services to send map search results to users' mobile phones, free of charge.

By committing to place its servers in China, the company will be increasing its exposure to possible data and security issues. Because data, privacy and Internet laws in China are different than elsewhere, the company might need to provide user data to local authorities, a situation that it might not face if its servers are located in other countries.

Companies like Microsoft and Yahoo have already faced similar data problems in China, with Yahoo shareholders just this week defeating a measure that would make it difficult for the company to do business in China.


  1. Would be interesting to know specifically what the servers will be used for. Google.cn searches and maps?

    "Because data, privacy and Internet laws in China are different than elsewhere"

    Fancy that.


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