Beijing's Fengtai District Court has ordered Gome Fangzhuang store and Gome Electrical Company to install a legal computer operating system for a consumer surnamed Zhang and pay her CNY88 for her travel costs.

After finding that the computer she bought from Gome Fangzhuang store was installed with an illegal Windows operating system, Zhang reportedly filed a lawsuit against Gome Fangzhuang Store, Gome Electrical Company and Microsoft China, asking the parties to replace her computer with a legal operating system and pay her some compensation. Zhang said the pre-installed pirated operating system had caused frequent system failures for her computer.

As Zhang has no evidence that Microsoft used or allowed the pirated operating system on the computer, the court said Microsoft was exempt from compensating her. However now it seems that Microsoft might want to go after Gome for helping to violate the software giant's intellectual property rights.


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