Mobile phone handset distributor Guangzhou Global Telecom has signed a distribution agreement with China Unicom's Guangzhou Branch.

Guangzhou Global Telecom CEO Li Yankuan said, "This is a tremendous opportunity for GZGT. Our enhanced access to quality GSM and CDMA equipment will not only bring additional revenue into the company, but also build upon our positive corporate image to overseas companies and potential customers."

Under the deal, Global Telecom will become an agent to distribute CDMA and GSM phone cards and other value added services in Guangzhou.

As of April 2007, the numbers of users of GSM and CDMA phones throughout China are 110,298,000 and 38,207,000, respectively. New users of GSM and CDMA in April 2007 reached 1,140,000 and 483,000, respectively. According to published government statistics, new GSM users increased by 25.7%, and new CDMA users increased by 30% during the first quarter of 2007, compared to the same period of 2006.


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