China's Ministry of Information Industry has published an industry standard for 3G video telephone services, which involves both TD-SCDMA and WCDMA.

The China Communications Standard Association was responsible for making the mobile ervice technical specification YD/T 1511-2007 and the measurement method of YD/T 1512-2007, which provide important data basis for the development, manufacturing, testing, purchasing and operation of mobile television services.

At present, the standards are only available for mobile terminals and they are expected to be expanded between mobile terminals and PSTN and ISDN in the future. The standard outlines the general features, functions, protocol structure, media coding and re-use, service procedures, certification, charging, statistics, service quality and terminal requirement of video telephones which are based on TD-SCDMA or WCDMA. The speed rate of the television service is about 64kbps.

As a signature service of 3G, mobile video telephone services has been given special attention by the operators and it is also perhaps one of the most popular 3G services desired among users.


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