Mobile value-added services firm CDC Mobile, a business unit of CDC Corporation (CHINA), has launched what it calls the first "free to play, pay for merchandise" mobile game in China.

The game "Mocca Beans" provides players with different block sets, each producing endless combinations in different stages. The game is free to play but players can purchase useful tools to achieve desired combinations and reach higher levels, thus increasing satisfaction in this mind-stimulating game. As a multiplayer mobile game, it can be played by a large number of concurrent users online using mobile phones.

"Our growth strategy for MVAS is to further strengthen organic growth and to move upstream into the content provider segment of the business," said Fang Donglei, COO of Inc. "We believe the industry will continue to consolidate towards a smaller group of more stable service providers, which will ultimately provide a healthier competitive environment for our MVAS business. We are confident that CDC Mobile will gain a bigger market share as a leading SP with proprietary mobile content in the long run."


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