Music aggregator Global Music International and Warner Music China have signed a deal to allow GMI to provide Warner's music audio content to Chinese mobile service providers.

"We have been impressed with Global Music International's established relationships with major telecommunications players in China, and are extremely pleased to be entering into a licensing agreement with them to complement our strategic partnerships with China Mobile and China Unicom, and offer our unique music content for wireless distribution in a marketplace that is increasingly being driven by mobile," said Ken Cheung, vice president of new media and business development at Warner Music Asia Pacific. "We see this agreement as an important part of our overall strategy to extend our strategic relationships in China, encourage product innovation, find new ways for our artists to connect with their fans, and develop new revenue streams."

Active in the international and Chinese mobile music scenes, Global Music International recently announced an upcoming launch with China Unicom Newspace, the wholly owned subsidiary of China Unicom responsible for the carrier's wireless music services and rich mobile media content. In this relationship, China Unicom will officially begin broadcasting Global Music International's inventory of music videos and audio content in order to offer China Unicom's customers a more diversified mobile music experience.

With the addition of Warner Music's content, Global Music International can further enhance the mobile music experience it provides Chinese consumers by adding music from new local and international artists in the form of audio, ringtones and ringback tones to its current collection of music content, which also includes the entire music video and audio catalog of Sony/BMG Entertainment.


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