The Audio & Video and Online Publication Management Division of the General Administration of Press and Publication of China has issued a warning to 20 computer game operators who have not yet adopted the anti-addiction online system.

These companies include Hangzhou Jiuyi and Anhui Aolan, and GAPP is asking them to implement anti-addiction systems for all their games within ten days of the receipt of the notice.

During an investigation conducted July 16-19, the Audio & Video and Online Publication Management Division of GAPP reportedly found that these 20 companies had not used the anti-addiction system for some of their games. GAPP said it would work with the local telecom management departments to stop the operation of the relevant games and suspend the Internet access for these companies if they fail to develop an anti-addiction system by the given deadline.

Kou Xiaowei, deputy director of the Audio & Video and Online Publication Management Division of GAPP, has told local media that fully implementing the anti-addiction system is an important measure taken to carry out the State Council's rule on molding Chinese teenagers' morals and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of China's online game industry. He has called on the companies to strengthen their social responsibility and consult with the concerned departments to ensure the anti-addiction tasks can be carried out smoothly.

GAPP asked all the Chinese domestic online game operators to adopt the anti-addiction system for their games starting from July 16, 2007.


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