Merix (MERX) plans to expand both the capacity and technological capabilities of its Huiyang factory.

The company says it has already completed a comprehensive strategic plan to execute this expansion in two phases over the next 18 months. The plan will result in the substantial increase of inner layer capacity of the Huiyang facilities and raise its capabilities to produce higher layer count printed circuit boards.

Technology improvements for higher layer count product will focus on plating enhancements enabling higher aspect ratios of up to 12:1, registration systems, and high performance materials. Processes and technologies such as HDI, epoxy filled via-in-pad, back drill, buried capacitance and thermal management will be enabled by the existing knowledge base in Merix US facilities.

The first phase will be accomplished with the addition of approximately US$2 million of advanced equipment in the existing footprint of the Huiyang facility. The second phase will involve constructing a larger building on available land and adding the necessary advanced equipment to produce high-technology products. The second phase of this expansion will cost approximately US$13 million.


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