Ningbo Haishu District Discipline Inspection Commission and Haishu District Ximen Street Party Working Committee have jointly launched a computer game called "Incorruptible Warrior", which is available to the public free of charge.

According to, as the first type of computer game themed on building a society free of corruption in China, "Incorruptness Warrior" depicts how a clear-headed champion uses might to make right to achieve a "clean fairyland" by fighting with corrupt officials and supporting ethical behavior. Different from other computer games, the content of this game streams throughout the theme that government and corporate social responsibility are high moral values to be taken very seriously.

The 165 characters in the game are reportedly all based on history and legend, including the respectable and morally lofty Chinese officials like Hai Rui and Bao Zheng as well as evildoers like Zhao Gao and He Shen. Haishu District Discipline Inspection Commission says their purpose of designing this game is to create a green online environment for teenagers to learn about high social values while they also have a bit of entertainment.


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