Tianjin Municipal Government has signed with China's Ministry of Information Industry to construct a wireless broadband network in the Binhai New District of Tianjin.

Tianjin Binhai New District is a trial location for China's comprehensive reform and a new drive for national economic growth. Tianjin's priority in a wireless city zone and leading role in trying a new program have made it one of the most powerful cities in the national wireless city sector and have attracted the attention of more and more international wireless service provider giants. According to local media, advanced wireless enterprises including Google.com have come to conduct research in Tianjin for laying out wireless networks.

Chris Vein, chief information officer of San Francisco, and Hardik Bhatt, chief information officer of Chicago, as well as information officials from Singapore and Taipei, will soon gather in Tianjin to help unveil the deployment of the wireless city and prospect the development of wireless technology.


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