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MII: 511 SPs Punished In Q2

China's Ministry of Information Industry' latest report regarding the straightening out of wireless service providers in the second quarter of this year shows that a total of 511 SPs were punished during the period.

Apart from ordering four serious violators to stop their respective businesses, MII also criticized 52 SPs that had frequently infringed on rules or contracts.

According to local media, in the second quarter of the year, the communications management bureaus across the country published the names of and punished 187 errant SPs, and telecom service providers also stopped the services of 324 SPs. These infringed parties include 113 SPs of China Mobile, 269 SPs of China Unicom, 59 SPs of China Telecom and 70 SPs of China Netcom.

In the meantime, MII has issued a warning, reminding consumers of being highly cautious when joining in some interactive programs jointly organized by telecom companies and media and not to be cheated by their seemingly attractive offerings.

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