Sun Microsystems (SUNW) is expanding its Sun Startups Essentials program into China and India to help early stage companies get up and running quickly while conserving cash in these emerging markets.

The program offers startups discounts on a range of Sun's industry-leading technologies and services and the ability to subscribe to Web hosting services from Sun partners at deeply discounted rates.

Launched in the United States in November 2006, approximately 700 US companies have applied for Sun Startup Essentials, while many more outside the US have expressed interest. In response to large demand from startups based outside the United States, Sun says it is extending the program to China and India, two regions seeing a significant increase in both developers and start up companies.

"Sun is an avid supporter of building communities and through the Sun Startup Essentials program we're able to share our experience as well as offer substantial discounts to these early stage companies," said Juan Carlos Soto, VP of Market Development at Sun Microsystems. "By making the program available in these emerging markets in Asia, we're tapping into an innovative community that adopts and adapts new technology rapidly and enabling startups to get to market quickly and economically."


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