Three Chinese domestic anti-virus software companies of Jiangmin, Kingsoft and Rising have jointly called on computer users to increase their anti-virus awareness and form good habits for safe online behavior.

Microsoft's MSN had reportedly convened the three rivals together, asking them to start advocating the importance of online security and calling on them to take joint actions to fight against viruses. Feng Hua, marketing manager of MSN, said told local media that MSN would continue to closely cooperate with these anti-virus software service providers.

The companies have also worked out six principles for online security. The six safety principles made by the parties include: not disclosing MSN user name and password in any third-party website or software that has not been attested by Microsoft; not disclosing MSN user name and password to third-party manufacturers or individuals; not logging onto MSN through a third-party website to prevent user name and password from being stolen; being prudent in using MSN plug-ins not certified by Microsoft; ensuring the use of file transmission virus scanning functions in MSN settings; and not opening files or links whose origin is unknown or dubious.



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