According to the newly released "White Book on Chinese Netizens' Health Status", more than 40% of Chinese Internet users spend most of their weekends surfing online and over 70% of the netizens have a certain degree of associated mental problems.

The White Book, released by, one of the top health-related portal websites in China, says that with the increase of the Internet population and their dependence on the Internet, symptoms such as worsening eyesight, injured necks, sore waists, insomnia and anxiety, have become overwhelming.

The survey shows 73% usually feel faint, face insomnia and have aches in their joints; 30% of them have high blood pressure or other cardiovascular disease; and as many as 50% of them often have stomachaches. However the report does not compellingly say if these problems are directly linked to using the Internet too much.

More than 50% of those surveyed spend less than CNY1000 on healthcare each year.

The mental problems are even more apparent. 20% of the netizens think they are mentally unhealthy. Over 70% of the netizens have such problems as forgetfulness and anxiety. However, few of them have attached much attention to these problems.

The White Book says that only about 16% of the netizens sleep eight hours every day. Less than 9% of them do any physical exercise.

Experts quoted in local media suggest these Internet users not to use the Internet for more than two hours every day and they should rest for 15 minutes after every one hour of computer use.



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