The Department of Industry and Commerce of Beijing's Dongcheng District has disclosed to local media that they have listed 533 online shopping websites, including Eachnet and, as key targets of supervision.

What does a "key target of supervision" mean? A representative from the Department says that they would manage oversight of these websites and this work would be done first at the Hepingmen Branch and Jianguomen Branch and then extend to the entire Dongcheng District. The Department will form an online patrol at least once a week to check whether these websites are involved in offering false advertising or are misleading consumers with their online content.

The department has further segmented another 1718 websites into what it calls a "Category B" that will be monitored once every two months.

Apart from overstating their services, online shopping websites have been recently criticized for delayed goods delivery. The Industry and Commerce Department said they would punish websites that do not correct their behavior after receiving users' complaints by publishing their infractions and making these misdeeds known to the public.


  1. I got scammed by a chinese website . I ordered 1 iPod for the first time $125 USD with free shipping.I received the iPod in 4 days. Second time they asked minimum order quantity is 5 items. This time….they got me…my money was gone, my ordered just on the PC screen.

  2. i am from
    i never sell goods to joanne
    she maybe make a mistake
    our is sell cloth and shoes and bags ,i never sell electronic
    so i think you are make a mistake, and
    i also dont know this website
    maybe some guy use my to cheat some customs.
    so i hope customers dont believe some one ,if need some help please contact with me direct
    dont contact with there have email
    that is a cheat

  3. I am contemplating buying from, are they legitimate. Has anyone bought from them and received the goods?

    Please help.


  4. Here's another one who's curious about So we're wating for someone with experiences. And I like to know why Ray is suggesting not to bu from them.

  5. I received an e-mail from Astu Sylla of on 16.03.10.
    The prices on most of the products are unbeleivable but it is so
    cheap you cannot trust them. Please someone with shopping experience
    from this site??? Please help

  6. I have recently purchased an item from WNBXS.COM and am now waiting. T

    The money was collected this morning so am now waiting to hear from them to say that the goods have been despatched to me. Will let people know how I get on

  7. I purchase a low value article on wnbxs to test on 13 march. Before payment they answer very fastly each of my request. But I paid by bank transfer on 15 march and now my tracking order alway says "waiting for customer payment" and no more mail answer….

    I will wait and let people know… but It's look not very positive…

  8. I have been emailing every day since they received my payment to ask them when they would be sending me the item I ordered, as they said they would look into it, but thus far the tracking on the website still says awaiting customer payment and I have not heard back from the email I sent last night.

  9. Hi

    I am thinking of buying something from wnbxs. Has somebody actually received the goods after payment? They sound very genuine on email.

  10. Here an update of my order on wnbxs: no news from them, my order still in wait for customer peyment instead of my certificate from by bank which precise the date-time chinese bank receive my money 10 days ago.
    They answer never to my mail…

  11. Frederic it seems that you have to keep pestering them re emails as they do answer. My order was held up in the Chinese customs and I had to pay a release fee, but it should now hopefully be on its way.

    The website doesn't seem to show a very accurate reflection of the actual order status as mine still shows awaiting customer payment although as I say the order has been processed.

  12. After 15 days, no news of my order instead my repetitive daily emails.
    Tracking order still in wait for payment instead my bank transfer 15 days ago.
    Have you received your order Marc?

  13. As stated I had to pay some extra money to the firm as they stated that the item had been held by the Chinese customs and this was required to get it released. This I duly did and the money was collected the next day.

    They sent me an email stating that once the payment had been confirmed ththey would send me the tracking number forthwith. To date despite several emails chasing it up I have heard nothing.

    In view of this I am seriously starting to think that this company Is nothing more than a big con. However, I will keep trying and let people know if anything happens.

  14. I most definately think these people are nothing but a bunch of con artists as when I again sent a query about my order they said that I had to send them the money first. Since stating that they had already received this etc I have not heard anymore.
    I also sent them an email asking what had happened to my order and asking them if they were a reputable company in which case they would send the order or as sususpected no more than a con.

    I also got sent a similar email from another company doing the same things (sorry cant remember the name). There website is identical to WNBXS even down to the pricing the only difference being the name so all I can say to everyone from this is that you get anything along these lines please ignore.

  15. I think I am also been taken for a ride by this people. i paid in money last week on the 10th of April and I am still waiting for a tracking number. True that before you sent in money the respond is so quick but immediately after you pay in money then the communication stops immediately. WNBXS!!! people stay away please

  16. Hallo,

    i have maid a payment first of 2260.-CHf and than 700.-Chf to release the goods from the China Customs.

    Im writing them daily but not getting any ancer from them.

    Im verifing now with the China Embassy and will sue this website, with my lawyers and my diplomatic connections!
    Dont buy anything from there!!!

  17. I made a purchase on almost more than a month ago. I had written them 11 emails but didn't get a reply from them. They promised me a tracking number but never got it. I contacted the bank and payed fees for to confirm whether the company received the payment. The bank confirmed that they have received the payment. I wrote to the company about it. But no reply. This company wnbxs is a fraud. Don't buy anything from this site.

  18. I tried to purchase a camera from and after I went through the hoops to send my money plus 40.00 usd for shipping they then used a scam of needing another $135.00 for duties to be paid to the government. They have not fun with their scam as they will not refund and use every trick in the book to get a laugh at my stupidity in dealing with them. This started on January Fourth and I have nothing but anger to show for this transaction.

  19. ive order from this website and my order has different tracking numbers now I don't know what to do ??? I guess my money is gone….. its not fair I don't work for a lot of money and these people are scamming people like me just not fair God is watching ….

  20. I ordered a Michael Kors handbag from this b2cstore. The money transfer went through immediately. At least 3 weeks later, still no handbag. I send 2 e-mails with no response and on my 3rd 3-mail I informed them that I worked for a law firm and even if amount of purse was under $100, I would not drop the matter. They said purse was out of stock and said it would be more economic for me to make another selection rather than get a refund because they would charge a 30% transfer fee. Luckily our credit card company was able to get my money back. I am still getting e-mails after that to try to get me to purchase an alternate item. This reeks to me of a rip-off…I have learned my lesson on this one…

  21. I ordered from Color Woki Online Store. This is what showed up on my bill statement. The website was:

    I have not rec'd a tracking number. They have a contact us button. I have submitted emails everyday since 7/5/14 and never received a response. There is not a phone number and the account tab is nothing but your name and address!!! Ugh… has anyone ever dealt with this website? This was a birthday present and im out almost $200.00 if this is a scam.


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