Dai Xiaohui, director of the Communications Standard Division of the Ministry of Information Industry, says that MII and the State Environmental Protection Administration had jointly worked out a measure on testing the electromagnetism radiation at telecommunications base stations.

Entitled "Mobile Communications Base Stations Electromagnetism Radiation Environment Testing Measure", Dai has told local media that the new measure details how to test electromagnetic emissions on mobile communications base stations working between the frequencies of 110MHz- 40GHz. This new set of standards reduces the testing scope and stipulates that the testing point can be set at a place which is accessible to the public and closest to the antenna. It also reduces the testing time and makes the tests more operational.

Dai said the release of the new measure is useful for solving problems arising from base station locations and removing the public's worry and concerns on the negative effect of the base stations to their lives. Base station planners had been facing difficulties in choosing locations mainly because the public had much worry and concern over the radiation emissions of the base stations with the increase of their awareness on health and environment.


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