News from Guangdong Communications Management Bureau and Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Public Information and Network Safety Inspection Division is that ten Chinese ministries, including the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Propaganda, have upgraded their campaign against illegal online information and directly targeted Internet data centers, the central nervous system of Internet services.

The local police departments have been asked to issue a special circular to the IDCs and related websites, asking each IDC operator to be responsible for their IDC, to clear up the illegal information on their clients' servers and to report any problems to the police department.

All the IDC users have also been asked to register with their local supervision department and to submit a User Network Access Responsibility Letter and a Letter Commitment on Network Information Security. If they fail to do so, their network connection will be suspended.

The campaign reportedly lasts from August 27 to December 31. Local media reports that many of the IDC operators have already been checked and up to 3000 servers have been shut down.


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