Magellan has launched its auto navigation devices in China, with the introduction of three new products, the Magellan Maestro 3200C, 8200C and 8250C.

"Our entry into China is critical to our commitment of making simple navigation available across the globe and we are thrilled to offer our latest line of leading-edge GPS solutions in one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing markets in the world," said Nelson Chan, chief executive officer of Magellan. "Our new Chinese language GPS devices allow consumers in China access to detailed guidance to nearly any destination in the 980 cities and provinces and over 5 million Points of Interest in the country, more than twice that offered by any other provider. China and other emerging markets present significant growth opportunities for Magellan and with the introduction of superior products we expect to capitalize fully on those opportunities."

China is expected to represent 3.9 million personal navigation device units in 2010, up from just 400,000 units expected to be sold by the end of 2007, according to Canalys.


  1. How legal are GPS devices in China? I was under the impression that they would be illegal because they have maps of potentially sensitive areas in the country. Am I wrong or right?

  2. I believe you'll find GPS everywhere and I don't know of any restrictions. Of course military bases are off limits and I saw Google Maps picked up a Chinese submarine.


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