House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took time out from bashing Donald Trump and warning of the rise of China on Thursday to hop aboard a punt – a flat bottomed boat – for a sightseeing trip through Cambridge, England. Her day included joking about former President Trump with Cambridge University students before heading to London and a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson . But she was also spotted floating down the River Cam, propelled gently by a 'punter' wielding a pole, with her husband beside her. Video shot by a passerby, shows businessman Paul Pelosi snapping photographs with his phone as they drifted under Magdalene Bridge as their hosts from the Cambridge Union keep up a running commentary. They could have been any other couple on a sightseeing jaunt were it not for the detachment of broad-shouldered men in suits making up her security detail. A passerby spotted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul enjoying a trip on a 'punt' – flat bottomed boat – on the River Cam in Cambridge, England Pelosi spoke to students at the Cambridge Union on Thursday, discussing former President Trump, the rise of China, and the 'special relationship' between Washington and London Pelosi travelled to the U.K. a day earlier for a meeting of G7 heads of parliament at the end of the week. But on Thursday she addressed the Cambridge Union, where she told students that Trump would take his place in American history as a two-time loser if he ran for the White House again in 2024. 'I don't ever talk about him,' she said, before proceeding to talk about him – although without using his name. 'I reference him from time to time as "What's His Name,"' she continued. 'If he wants to run again, he'll be the first president who was impeached twice and defeated twice.' He comments triggered thunderous applause from the British audience. Her remarks were met with loud applause from the largely British audience. She also used the occasion to discuss the January 6 attack on Congress, the broader U.S. political system and the rise of China. A day after the U.S. announced a new security pact with the U.K. and Australia designed to promote stability in the Indo-Pacific region – diplomatic code for countering China's territorial ambitions – she said Beijing's repressive tendencies were getting worse. Pelosi arrived at Number 10 Downing Street for a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the evening. They were expected to discuss Anglo-American relations Pelosi is in the UK for a meeting of G7 heads of parliament, but spent Thursday with Cambridge University students and in meetings with British officials Pelosi was joined by her husband Paul throughout the day 'With their military aggression in the South China Sea, with their continuation of genocide with the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province, with their violation of the cultural, religious priority of Tibet, with their suppression of democracy in Hong Kong and other parts of China as well, they’re just getting worse in terms of suppression and freedom of speech,' she said. By the evening she was in London, arriving at Number 10 Downing Street for a meeting with Johnson about Anglo-American relations. She posed on the step outside the famous black door with her husband before entering. Afterwards she said she told the British prime minister that the Good Friday Accords that ended years of violence in Northern Ireland continued to have the backing of both parties in Congress. 'Respectful of the will of the British people and Brexit, I reiterated the strong bipartisan support that the Good Friday Accords continue to enjoy in the United States Congress and our hope that the ongoing negotiations will yield a positive outcome that recognizes this landmark agreement,' she said in a statement.