Gehua Cable TV says that it has received CNY80 million in subsidies from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television for the overall conversion of digital television programs.

According to the notice issued by BMBRT to Gehua, Gehua will receive CNY100 for each set-top box given to users for the implementation of the digitalization of cable TV. Gehua's type of STB will enable users to watch more television programs and enjoy more services than normal television programming.

Besides free services such as video-on-demand and games, Gehua owns more than 20 paid digital programs and 16 stereo digital audio frequency radio for high-end users.

Starting last year, Gehua began to issue STBs in some pilot residential areas, free of charge. Tens of thousands of Beijing residents have already received the STBs and local media estimates that by the end of this year, this will bring Gehua a total profit of CNY5.33 million through value-added services.


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