Amazon and GoPro [Filed a joint lawsuit](// They claim to sell counterfeit GroPro products on Amazon to Chinese citizens and groups of businesses. In a newly unsealed court document, the two companies said fraudsters knocked off some of GoPro’s most popular accessories and used the brand blatantly to trick potential buyers. I am. Some of the products that counterfeiters consider genuine are the GoPro signature “3-Way” and “The Handler” grips. Knockoffs were often difficult to find due to subtle differences from the actual GoPro. For example, some had foam handles in a slightly different color than those found on company tripods. “If a counterfeiter tries to sell in our store, it not only infringes the intellectual property rights of companies such as GoPro, but also misleads consumers and damages Amazon’s reputation as a place to buy genuine products.” Amazon’s director Kebharu Smith said. [Recently formed counterfeit crime unit](// .. Amazon and GoPro are not the first companies to take legal action against fraudsters who use the platform to sell counterfeit goods. In 2016, Apple [90 percent](// Of the lightning cable and charger marked “” [Achieved by Amazon](// “It was a fake. However, Amazon claims that the issue is not widespread. In 2020, the company states that less than 0.01% of all products sold on the market were subject to counterfeit complaints from customers.As [The Verge Point out](// What we don’t know is the number of items the company sold last year. At the scale of Amazon’s business, 0.01 percent can represent tens of thousands of complaints. Also, the number of people who bought the counterfeit was not clear, and they either did not consider contacting the company about the purchase or were unwise about what they owned. In any case, the fake GoPro product issue put enough pressure on Amazon to work with the company to undertake it. All Engadget recommended products are selected by an editorial team independent of the parent company. Some stories include affiliate links. You may earn affiliate commissions if you buy anything through any of these links. Amazon and GoPro file joint suit against Chinese counterfeiters